Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I was able to knit the right sleeve of the pattern without repeating the misatakes I made and the stitches I picked up look great.

Although I have a lot left to knit, this is a personal victory. And the rest is yet to come. My next step is to pick more stitches for the back.

I also started learning how to write cursive Russian and I think it's doing okay.

It's not my preference; I can't write cursive English. But, this is the only way Russians will understand what I write and the only way I'll be able to read their writing.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

You've Got to Pick Up Every Stitch/ Oh No Must be the Season Of the Witch

I have finished the left sleeve rather quickly (the joys of short sleeve) and now I have to pick up stitches.
I can't pick up stitches to save my life. A previous project can attest to that. My hope is this

Does not become this

So far, the sleeve is doing okay

It's not perfect but my

perfectionism can only go so far
but for someone like me it's good enough.

Hopefully I'll be able to knit the rest without too much problems.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Adventure Begins!

Hello to whomsoever reads this. As you can probably tell, this is my first blog.

Excitment begins as I start knitting the Gothlet. This complex pattern created by Jennifer Stafford (http://www.domiknitrix.com/) is pretty and is a short sleeve version of the Elfin Bride.

See, excitment! I just hope my crappy extra cast on won't mess me up later on

At any rate, I want to knit the Snood (also by Stafford) my friend wanted before I delve too deeply into the Gothlet. I start knitting fast (I'm a continental) and get addicted, seriously. Last night, I ripped out about two inches on this blue baby. Nothing but arduous.

The Gothlet is being knit in Classic Elite Provence Clear Sky (I think) in size 6 circular needles.