Monday, December 1, 2008

What's What So Far

Hey there,
It's been a while since I last posted but for anyone who knows the drudgery of Senior Project and senior year in high school, I think you understand why.

I recently stated a mini-business selling Creepy Cute Crochet charachters made to order. It has been a super-long process, longer than I anticipated. Having a back log isn't fun at all.

Luckily, to keep me sane I started knitting the Checked Cloche from Glamour Knits. It took me a while to finally get Rowan Kidsilk Night in black and not pay an arm and a leg for it. Rowan Lurex Shimmer was a harder find as it is discontinued. So far it has kept me sane through this crochet endeavor with its familiar two needle knit and purl. I wanted to knit this hat since I ordered the book so long ago and I love how I'm finally bringing it to life.

I must tell you though that the hat has grown since this picture.

It's almost done with such freakish speed I admit. Although, I am not happy to report that with my bad knitting luck I slightly messed up. Casting on an extra stitch makes a lot of difference especially when you begin shaping. At any rate, I fixed my error and I'm proud to say that things are proceeding smoothly; Senior Project, unfortunately, is not. I am lacking a mentor and an interview with an expert, but there's hope.

Finally, I want to take this time to announce a system I will start soon featuring posts with four labels: Criterion Collection:Photos, Video, Honorable Mention, and Movie:Honorable Mention. They'll be up soon, just look out for them.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Protected Goes Bad

Everyone knows songs purcahsed from iTunes are in a "protected" AAC format (also known as m4P) which renders it incompatible with any any thing that is not Apple or i"anything". Many of us have been frustrated or angry with this restriction of our well purchased songs, but there is a way...

In my naivete I found a simple solution. I burned four songs onto a CD, three of them purchased in iTunes (thus in protected AAC). Today I decided to test my experiment on Windows Media Player and play the first song in the CD that was from the iTunes store. And, it worked! Clearly, it was a simple solution to a very bothersome problem; I didn't have to reformat anything at all! My happiness was confirmed further when all four songs were successfully copied to the Media Player's library.

For this amazing technological feat I would like to thank my mother for giving me my very first cell phone, the Samsung Juke, my older brother for telling me of a website where I can make my own ringtones free, and La Oreja De Van Gogh for their song "Muñeca De Trapo" the first song from iTunes that I heard on the Media Player as well as "Aquarius" from the movie soundtrack for being my first music ringtone. Thank you all very much for your influence.
Now, I don't fear too much of any repercussions for this is an extremely obscure blog.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sad Radiohead

Have you ever felt the days were your world was never going to get better?

You want to try but the earth is pulling down, paralyzing you, bringing you down to the depressing reality instead of the honest kind?

I feel bad for my sister. My little brother says he's not bad; everyone else stresses him out and everyone is stupid, fat, and all those things. He says he doesn't like fighting but right now, before I forget, he likes getting people mad. He keeps screaming, insulting, and making the other person (me or my little sister) look like the over-dramtic crybaby who should not be listened to. Look at her crying and rambling, she's obviously mentally unstable. My mother doesn't help much or not at all.
She does have her faults, some are progressing worse. But she doesn't desereve the stress and frustration she's feeling right now; she's only ten. I felt that angry and hurt all the time when I was thirteen and in eighth grade. I dealt with other things at her age much differently.

Maybe it's just her personality and how she learned to deal with past experiences. I don't why but she is very different from me and she feels more sadness than I think she deserves. I just hope she'll feel better soon, I don't want her to be sad, depressed like my older brother and maybe me.

And of couse I might fail this semester of AP English Language. I'm worried this will absolutly ruin my chances of attending San Jose State University, where I want to attend. I know two people in the profressional Comedysportz team there (I want to be a part of it) and San Jose State has a housing building called International House. I want to be the baby of both places. I feel very doubtful very often but my mom says I need to believe all the time that it will happen and I need to work for it too.

In short, I need to keep the faith.

(I put Sad Radiohead because if you listen to Fake Plastic Trees you'll figure out my mood)