Thursday, December 17, 2009

Music List #4

Freestyle! For people who have played Amplitude, you know what kind of image pops in my head. Anyway I like the idea of making my own categories; it makes me feel like I have so much control. (Evil Laugh)

Best "I Wanna Be With You" Song
Oasis - This one of the songs where the lyrics speak for themselves: "There are many things that I would like to say to you/ But I don't know how"

Best Sleepy Time Song
Time & Great Gig in the Sky Pink Floyd - The reason I have these songs as a set is because I can't listen to Great without hearing Time because Time is 3 and Great is 4 on the album. They're so great to listen to as you're cuddling up to sleep. It's super great.

Best Hangout Song
No Diggity Blackstreet with Dr. Dre - This song has an accessible sing-a-long quality to it and makes a great chill atmosphere.

Best 70's Pop Culture Song
Bicycle Race Queen - This song talks so much about what was going on at the time; it's pretty indescribable. As a preview they do mention Star Wars, Vietnam, and Watergate.

Best Knitting Song
Season of the Witch Donovan - "You've got to pick up every stitch" You actually pick up stitches in knitting!

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