Thursday, December 17, 2009

Talking about Drugs

If all the world's a stage, then college must be act three in a seven part play. Unlike actors, we are thrust into our lives not knowing the script and a number of things are liable to happen: some good, some bad. One of those bad dangers is an unfortunate part of life and that is drugs. Drugs are an important issue in college and it's important to know how they affect us.
Unfortunately for me, whenever I am actually social it's usually with people who aren't in a drug or party scene and if they're are, they don't make too explicit to me. Also, I live in a box called movies and T.V. and I don't leave that box too often. Because of this I don't know much about any kind of drug scene or what people are involved in anyway. I know people engage in caffeine and alcohol but I don't know if they do something more serious like prescriptions or marijuana. I'm not the person to ask, seriously and honestly.
My box is one cool place that I don't want to abandon at this moment. Even without this box, I still wouldn't know what people are getting involved in; they actually have to tell me or say out loud.

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